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Watch as quick-thinking elephants save calf from drowning in Seoul

Two adult elephants worked together to rescue a baby elephant who fell into the deep end of the pool in a zoo. The footage appeared last Friday and the incident occurred in Seoul, South Korea. The CCTV footage shows the baby elephant standing close to the edge of the water before falling in. Instantly the two elephants realise that it’s an emergency and snap into action. The elephant beside the calf tries to help with her trunk as the other elephant rushes over to see what happened.

The two elephants quickly realised the baby was in danger.
The two elephants quickly realised the baby was in danger. Image by Seoul Grand Park Zoo

When they realise that they can’t help from the edge both elephants run over to the shallow end of the pool and get into the water from there. It looks like they are working together to coordinate the rescue.

A third elephant in a different enclosure also seems to get agitated when the other elephants are distressed. The two elephants get into the water and rush over to the calf. They then lead the calf out of the water and onto dry land.

Have a look at the video here: