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Get away from it all at this Norwegian island artists' retreat in the Arctic Circle

Fancy getting away from it all for an artistic break? If so, then you could do much worse than spend some time at this deconstructed hotel on the idyllic Norwegian island of Fordypningsrommet, 18 miles by ferry from the mainland.

Wooden huts at the Fordypningsrommet resort
Artists’ retreat at the Fordypningsrommet resort. Image by Katrina Sogard/mediadrumworld.com

Stunning images show off the cluster of monofunctional houses at the island retreat and they include four sleeping cabins, a kitchen house, studio house, sauna, wash house and a room with an ‘inspirational column’ attached.

Guests take turns at lighting the sauna room stove
Sauna room at the Fordypningsrommet resort. Image by Pasi Aalto/mediadrumworld.com

The spectacular resort, named Fordypningsrommet, is meant to be a beautiful workspace for artists or other creatives where they can go to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. The small isle offers a secluded working environment in an area of awe-inspiring beauty, surrounded by the wild sea.

A cabin with an idyllic view
A room with a view: a stunning vista from this cabin. Image by Katrina Sogard/mediadrumworld.com

There are no shops, cars or wild animals on the isle which offers a ‘no stress’ stay to its guests. As such any potential tourists must pack their own food for their stay.

Artists' retreat on Fordypningsrommet
Wooden cabin on Fordypningsrommet. Image by Frederik Asplin/mediadrumworld.com

There will be six annual one- week artist in residence courses on the island this year in a collaboration between the resort and the culture department at Nordland County Council.

At the water's edge on Fordypningsrommet. Image by Martin Losvik/mediadrumworld.com
At the water’s edge on Fordypningsrommet. Image by Martin Losvik/mediadrumworld.com

A boat must be used to travel to the secluded location although there is public transportation to Fleinvær via speed ferry from downtown Bodø. On average, there are two daily departures to and from the island.

Nigh-time view of the island retreat
Fordypningsrommet at night. Image by Katrina Sogard/mediadrumworld

Guests can book a host who will act as their personal guide to the site and surrounding environment as well as assist in more practical matters, such as getting the all-important sauna going. Be warned though, a stay at the island resort doesn’t come cheap and will set you back a whopping £3000 per week.

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