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A room with a view - check out this newly opened guesthouse by the Faroe Islands’ famous Múlafossur waterfall

If you would like to wake up in the morning to a completely breathtaking view, then consider a stop at a new guesthouse in the Faroe Islands that shows off the famous Múlafossur waterfall.

Múlafossur waterfall in the Faroe Islands.
The village of Gásadalur is home to the beautiful Múlafossur waterfall. Image by Bergur I. Johansen/Getty Images

Gásadalsgarður is a new guesthouse that has opened in Gásadalur in the Faroe Islands. It’s the first of its kind in the village, which is well-known for its view of Múlafossur, an iconic sight in the Faroe Islands.

Breakfast at Gásadalsgarður guest house.
Gásadalsgarður guest house will give visitors an amazing view. Image by Gásadalsgarður

The tiny village only became accessible by car in 2004 when a tunnel was built through a nearby mountain. Prior to that, people had to hike over the mountains, or take a boat or helicopter. But while the increased accessibility has brought in more tourists eager to view the gorgeous waterfall, it has not led to a population boom – there are only about a dozen residents who call the scenic village home.

The guesthouse is located just metres away from the waterfall and is open year round. There are four double bedrooms for guests and a café that will be open between April and September. Rooms at the guest house cost £125 per room per night, including breakfast.

Inside the dining room of the Gásadalsgarður guest house.
Guests staying at the Gásadalsgarður guest house can get an amazing view throughout the building. Image by Gásadalsgarður

The Faroe Islands – which are located halfway between Iceland and Norway – have seen a record-breaking year for tourism. There has also been a boost in the number of flights that can get travellers to the islands, while adventurous types can take a 36-hour ferry ride from Denmark to the Faroe Islands.