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One man and his dog are about to start the second leg of their walk around the world

Thomas Turcich and his beautiful dog, Savannah have spent the last two years walking from North America to the southernmost tip of South America. Now that they are finished Tom has set his sights on mainland Europe and will begin the next stage of his epic walk in July.

When a friend of Tom’s passed away in high school his whole outlook on life changed. He realised how impermanent everything is and Tom decided that he wanted to travel as much as he could sooner rather than later. He secured a five-year sponsorship from a local company in Philadelphia and hit the road. It’s been two years now and he’s already clocked over 9500 miles!

Thomas and Savannah at 12,000 ft in Ecuador
Thomas and Savannah at 12,000 ft in Ecuador. Image courtesy of Thomas Turcich.

After South America, Tom did a trip to Antarctica and then Iceland. Now he’s home in New Jersey getting visas for himself and vaccinations for Savannah before they head to Ireland to continue their epic walk.

Lonely Planet Travel News asked Tom how he feels about this new part of his trip and he said: “South America was sparsely populated and most things like medicine or supplies were difficult to obtain. Europe is very accessible and has great walking paths.” Thomas plans to use the E7 European Long Distance Walking Path to get around.

Sunrise at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.
Sunrise at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Image courtesy of Thomas Turcich

He is most excited about visiting Spain as he speaks fluent Spanish and wants the chance to use it over there. When asked if he is worried about traveling to any countries he said: “I feel I’ve already traveled in some sketchy places and if I got through them ok, Europe should be fine.”After two years of traveling Thomas has seen a lot of people from different walks of life and feels that the world isn’t as scary a place as others see it: “99.9% of people just want to go to work then spend time with their family.”

Climbing down from a mountain pass in Argentina
Climbing down from a mountain pass in Argentina. Image courtesy of Thomas Turcich

You can follow Tom as he embarks on his new adventure here.