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Blissful floating hot tubs could soon be a thing on London’s Regent’s Canal

London is known as a busy city with plenty to see and do for visitors, but a new project aims to introduce a relaxing way of taking in the sights while chilling out. HotTug UK is hoping to introduce the first wood-fired floating hot tub, known as a hot tug, to Regent’s Canal in the centre of the city this summer, and it is offering visitors the opportunity to be the first to experience it.

Floating hot tubs will soon be a thing on London’s Regent’s Canal. Image: HotTug Uk
Floating hot tubs could soon be a thing on London’s Regent’s Canal. Image: HotTug Uk

Hot tugs are already a hit in other countries like the Netherlands, where visitors enjoy bathing in fresh water heated to 38 degrees while floating along canals. The London experience will last for two hours, with 90 of those minutes in the water, for up to seven people.

After a greeting by one of the captains who will run through a safety and instructional demonstration, guests will then sail down the canal to enjoy the relaxing and fun experience. There will be lockers on site for storage, along with basic shower and changing facilities.

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You will be able to bring your own towels and swimwear, or purchase or rent them on site. For those worried about being seen in swimwear in public, the site will offer privacy when you board and disembark the boat. You will also be able to bring a drink on board within reason, but each HotTug must have a designated driver who won’t be permitted to drink alcohol.

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In order to make the London HotTug experience a reality, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched that provides backers with the opportunity to enjoy this incredible experience before anyone else, whilst also securing exclusive early bird booking discounts. The people behind the London project are hoping to expand the experience to other cities in England and Ireland. For further information, see the crowdfunding campaign, or check out the website HotTug UK or Instagram.