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See inside this incredible James Bond-style cruise ship coming in the next year

Luxury French cruise liner Ponant have announced that their cruise ship, Le Lapérouse will be the first ship in the world equipped with a multi-sensory lounge so that guests can connect and interact with the ocean like never before.

The lounge will be a calming, immersive experience.
The lounge will be a calming, immersive experience. Courtesy of Ponant

Named Blue Eye, this is the first-of-its-kind in the world and is the brainchild of architect Jacques Rougerie, who has a deep affinity toward the ocean: “in my work, I have always had my heart set on making people aware of the role that the sea has played in the history of humanity. I designed this multi-sensory underwater lounge in order for it to become enshrined at the heart of the Ponant philosophy.”

This is will be an incredibly immersive experience. The lounge will be at the bottom of the cruise ship and looks like something that a James Bond villain would reside in. It is a beautiful, sleek room that is visually stunning. There will be two portholes to view the marine wildlife, and screens showing a live feed from three underwater cameras. When dolphins follow along the waves of the ship, it will be broadcast in the lounge.

The two portholes are in the shape of Whale's eyes.
The two portholes are in the shape of whale’s eyes. Courtesy of Ponant

Sound in the room is also extremely important. There will be hydrophones which will take in the ‘symphony of the sea’ and transmit it around the room. There will even be body-listening sofas which vibrate and hum to the tune of the ocean.

The architecture of the room is designed to mimic the marine wildlife outside of the ship – the colours in the room are luminescent and the shapes lead to the two eye-shaped portholes. The ship will be the first of four, and will debut in 2018 when it will sail from the Mediterranean to the Antarctic. The price will be in the region of $3000 – $9000.