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See the photos by an Italian artist that capture Pantone colours in nature

Italian artist Andrea Antoni is using his graphic design background to showcase the vivid beauty of his homeland. With the help of Pantone’s swatches, he highlights the ever-changing colour palettes that naturally occur all around us.

Sunset on a bicycle path between Austria and Italy.
Sunset on a bicycle path between Austria and Italy. Image by Andrea Antoni

The project started by a few years back, as Andrea explains; “one day I was creating a shot, and placed my canvas beside the colour scale I’d used to paint. I looked at it and thought, ‘Oh cool, the Pantone colours match!” These vibrant images have proved incredibly popular on Andrea’s Instagram account. What does he think makes them so special? “I think my idea is very simple”, he says. “The more simple, the more understandable it becomes for everyone.”

pink and purple houses
Pantone colours are found everywhere. Image by Andrea Antoni

“I also think people like my pictures because – on a purely perceptual level – I work a lot with reflections, vertical compositions and many other things that are pleasing to the eye. Lots of famous profiles on Instagram have got a really white mood; instead I show lots of colour.”

This picture showcases Venice's beauty.
This picture showcases Venice’s beauty. Image by Andrea Antoni

Andrea has lots of fun finding colours in his everyday life. “I play with the wide angle of GoPro, many editing softwares, and the strange ideas that are randomly generated in my mind,” he laughs. “I think that life is often really grey; we need more colour!”