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These haunting infrared images will make you see Yosemite in a new light

Though countless pictures of California’s iconic Yosemite Park have been taken over the years, we can guarantee you’ve never seen it like this. Photographer Ryan Berg has managed to capture the space in a completely new – and hauntingly beautiful – way. Using infrared photography, he developed this surreal series of pink-hued shots that look like they’re from another planet.

Yosemite captured using infrared photography.
Yosemite captured using infrared photography. Image by Ryan Berg

“I’d been planning this project for quite some time”, Ryan told Lonely Planet. “I realised that infrared photography could transform anything into a new visual experience. Yosemite is one of my favourite places in the world, and I felt that capturing it in infrared would be an excellent way to showcase its beauty in a different way.”

The park takes on a haunting pink hue.
The park takes on a haunting pink hue. Image by Ryan Berg

As he explored the park with his camera, he wasn’t sure how the shots would turn out. “Infrared photography can be pretty tricky with regards to lighting”, he explains, “so I wasn’t exactly sure how the images would look. The weather ended up being perfect one evening up at Glacier Point, with the clouds rolling in. This resulted in some very surreal images that I had no idea would become part of the aesthetic.”

A familiar scene, presented in a strange new way.
A familiar scene, presented in a strange new way. Image by Ryan Berg

Simultaneously recognisable and strange, the images are completely compelling. What is it about the series that has captured people’s imaginations? “I think that presenting something familiar, but in a completely new way allows people to view the world differently” says Ryan. “Yosemite, as stunning as it is, has been photographed countless times. So, I think creating images that are out of the ordinary provides a fresh take, and allows for people to question what they’re seeing.”