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The Rooftop Cinema Club is expanding in LA this summer

While there are many places in the world to catch amazing outdoor cinema, the beach in Kapa’a, Hawaii or the Red Rocks amphitheater in Denver, Colorado, the Rooftop Cinema Club is offering even more opportunities this season to enjoy cult classics and modern must-sees with spectacular views.

The rooftop at LEVEL in Downtown LA is the latest venue for movie-lovers to indulge in their favorite flicks high above the hustle and bustle of some of the world’s most happening cities. With locations in New York, London and one more in LA, the Rooftop Cinema Club is providing cosmopolitan audiences ample screen time at dizzying heights.

Each of the locations was picked specifically for their unique locations and breathtaking views, Jade Desumala, head of programming told Cool Hunting. This season the New York locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan are partnering with Refinery29 to pair major blockbusters with one of Refinery29’s Shatterbox Anthology films. The series works to spotlight the women of Hollywood. One pairing in May featured the surrealist short film set in South Africa, Khethiwe & The Leopard with Wild starring Reese Witherspoon trekking across the Pacific Crest Trail.

Other films over the summer range from classics like Top Gun and Casablanca to modern must-sees like Moonlight and Hidden Figures. The programming is just as much audience driven as it is pre-picked, according to Desumala. “We have the most amazing, engaged, film-loving followers on social media,” Desumala said. “Whenever we come to program a new season we always put it to them in the first instance.”

Ticket prices range from location to location so check the website for details, but book in advance, as screenings tend to sell out quickly. Audiences are treated with personal wireless headsets, cozy deckchairs and blankets on request. There is also a bar with booze and snacks on hand. The website recommends arriving 45 minutes ahead for optimal seating.

By Sarah Stocking