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Instagram get ready - pink pineapples are now being grown in Costa Rica

We’re all for a bit of colourful food to brighten up mealtimes, but even we raised an eyebrow at the news that pink pineapples are now a thing. Yet they definitely are, as they even have their own patent under fruit-producing giant, Del Monte, and are currently being grown in Costa Rica.

As they are a genetically-modified food, the company needed to obtain US Food and Drug Administration approval before selling them, which it now has done. The pineapples are known as the Rosé, and their pink-coloured flesh is made possible by the addition of lycopene, the substance that gives tomatoes and watermelons their colour. The more lycopene in a fruit, the pinker it will look, basically. There may be a taste difference too between it and a regular pineapple, as Del Monte is proposing a new label that reads “extra sweet pink flesh pineapple.”

Pineapples are a photogenic food to begin with, so we can only imagine the images that will ensue when the pink pineapples hit the market. We imagine a slew of fuschia-coloured fruit pictures hitting Instagram, accessorised with flamingos and tropical seas.

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There is no word on where to obtain the funky fruit yet, but brace yourself as they’re definitely coming. Yellow may be mellow, but we imagine we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of the fruit that will make the boys wink as soon as production rolls out into the stores.