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Confused about tipping abroad? This interactive map will solve your problems

Despite our global connectivity and all the information available at our fingertips, tipping remains an etiquette nightmare for many travellers. Now an interactive map will help you work out exactly when and how much to tip based on where in the world you are.

Waitress with tips jar
How much gratuity should you leave? This map has the answers. Image by Peter Dazeley

The online tool – called ‘Tip Advisor’ – was created by Go Compare travel insurance and contains data from 49 countries. By searching the map you can learn if you should tip your waiter, taxi driver or hotel staff and, if so, by how much. It also provides a handy pronunciation guide to saying ‘thanks’ in the local language.

The differences in tipping culture can lead to misunderstandings or embarrassing situations when abroad. The USA still leads the way when it comes to tipping, where you are expected to tip for every drink you order in a bar and leave 15-20% with a restaurant bill. Even bad service at a restaurant is expected to be tipped 10%.

While it’s not always expected to tip in other destinations, it’s becoming more and more customary, especially if the service is good. Even if tipping is not the custom, don’t be afraid to leave a gratuity for excellent service. It’s always appreciated!

Try out the tool for yourself here.