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This tiny camper van can actually transform into a yacht and is quite genius

Can’t decide between a relaxing river cruise or a rustic, cross country road trip for that upcoming holiday? With the Sealander, you won’t have to, as the fully amphibious vehicle is a trailer, caravan and yacht all in one.

The Sealander is an amphibious caravan.
The Sealander is an amphibious caravan that can function in the sea as well as on the road. Image by Sealander

The innovative German-made vehicle has a hull made from glass fibre reinforced plastic, making it lightweight but robust for both terrains. It is modelled on a small camper van, but features an outboard engine that enables it to make the switch from road to sea instantly.

Sealander caravan boat
The camper vans are customisable and come in a range of colours and finishes. Image by Sealander

The Sealander has wide windows and a convertible sunroof, as well as a telescopic element that can be used as a swim ladder and a stainless steel handrail to help with boarding, and the benches inside can be used either as seating for up to six people or a large bed. When the windows are closed, the vessel becomes completely weather and waterproof.

Sealander caravan boat on the water
An outboard motor allows the vessel to make the switch to the waters. Image by Sealander

Customisation is available upon ordering, enabling customers to choose from a variety of different materials and colour finishes, as well as add-ons such as a fridge, toilet facilities, a gas cooker, a sound system, a retractable external shower, a stainless steel sink and a barbecue.

The Sealander requires no special licence to drive, and currently has retailers in Germany, Canada, Switzerland and Czech Republic. Prices start at just under €16,000 for the basic package, with add-ons costing extra.

A couple enjoy the sunshine in a sealander vessel
The vessel can seat up to six people on benches that convert into a bed. Image by Sealander

More information on the Sealander is available at the official website.