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Have a multi-coloured culinary experience with a rainbow croissant at this London café

Our appetite for food every colour of the rainbow, from unicorn frappuccinos to insanely bright bagels, is on the rise. Now, a café in London has started selling rainbow croissants.

Have a multi-coloured culinary experience at The Café
Rainbow croissants now on sale at The Café. Image by The Café at The Hotel Café Royal.

The serious stylish pastry features bold shades and precise lines – and you can guarantee they’re as easy on the tastebuds as they are on the eye. The pigmented pastries have been dreamt up by Sarah Barber, a pastry chef who has luxury hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants on her culinary CV.

‘I wanted to do something that had the wow-factor and hadn’t been done before,’ Sarah, who is currently executive pastry chef at Hotel Café Royal, told us. ‘My style of patisserie is modern, fun and colourful.’

Rainbow pastry shapes at The Café
Rainbow pastry at The Café. Image by The Café at The Hotel Café Royal, London.

The croissants are something of a labour of love. ‘Me and my head baker worked for about eight weeks to get them right,’ says Sarah. ‘We wanted it to be exactly the right colour, with the round shapes replicating a rainbow. Each individual colour is laminated with butter.’

Since Sarah posted pictures of her colourful creations on social media last week, her kitchen has been hard at work. ‘It’s quite labour intensive. We have to make the colours, cut them, and align them. Then they are hand rolled, left to proof, baked and filled. It takes three days to produce them. We only went live with them yesterday.’

Rainbow croissants aren’t the only aesthetically-pleasing pastries Sarah bakes. Last month the most popular item on the menu was her raspberry and rose flavour, and she already has more grand plans up her sleeve. ‘I’m thinking about doing a lemon meringue pie… in a croissant,’ she tells us.

If you like your food fancy and Insta-friendly, you know where to go. The rainbow croissants are on the menu at The Café at The Hotel Café Royal, London.