Lonely Planet Writer

An airline has revealed the meaning behind the secret hand signals used by the cabin crew

Have you ever flown easyJet and wondered why the flight attendant is doing the chicken dance? Well, now the reason has been revealed.

The British airline’s cabin crew use a series of hand signals to communicate with one another without speaking, and the meaning of some of those signs have now been revealed after the company posted what it says is a staff instructional video online.

According to easyJet, a bemused passenger – Virgin Radio DJ Jamie East – posted a video of easyJet staff using their secret code on social media. Many people asked what was going on with the highly amusing hand signals, so the airline responded by posting what it claims is a training video never before seen by the public.

According to easyJet, the origin of the secret code is unknown and “over the past 21 years easyJet crew members have meticulously honed the hand signals to establish their own ingenious sign language to communicate key messages to colleagues”.

The code is aimed at keeping staff in touch without unnecessary noise, which makes sense as the crew have to work in the often cramped aisles and communicate over long distances.

So next time you are bored on a flight, try ordering a bacon baguette and watching the cabin crew’s response.