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Take a magical trip through Rome with this stunning hyperlapse video

Known as a city of romance, culture and spectacular food, Rome is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. And now, anyone thinking of visiting it can take a quick spin around the city to be inspired, thanks to a new HD hyperlapse video that showcases Rome in a truly unique way.

The Arch of Constantine in Rome, Italy.
The Arch of Constantine in Rome, Italy. Image by Kirill Neiezhmakov

Shot over the space of six days by videographer Kirill Neiezhmakov, the production is just under three minutes long, but in that time it takes the viewer on a whirlwind journey through night and day. The video features a clever narrative that uses objects in a souvenir shop to suck the viewer into a magical journey.

Rome’s points of interests

Popular tourist attractions in the city are all present and accounted for in the video, as the camera zips by sites such as the Trevi fountain, the Spanish Steps, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Pantheon.

Piazza della Rotonda at night time in Italy
A view of Piazza della Rotonda at night. Image by Kirill Neiezhmakov

Kirill visited Rome following a trip to Portugal for the Finisterra Arrábida Film & Art Tourism Festival, where he won six prizes, including the Grand Prize for a previous hyperlapse that he has made called, “a Day in Porto”.  Following the festival, he was inspired to create another piece of work that would showcase another city.

A panoramic view of the Historic Centre of Rome.
A panoramic view of the Historic Centre of Rome. Image by Kirill Neiezhmakov

“I went to Rome with my wife and young daughter. I had been thinking about the idea of featuring souvenirs in a video for a few years and realised it in Rome. In the beginning, you see some souvenirs in a shop and it tells you a story about the city. When the story ends you realise that you hold this souvenir at your home and put in on a shelf with other souvenirs from different cities and it becomes a part of your memories,” Kirill told Lonely Planet Travel News.