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Live in a van and promote wine in a can with this new travel-filled job

Drop everything and start brushing up your resume – an Oregon winery is looking for a new employee to spend the summer travelling around the US in a 1972 Citroën mobile wine bar.

Want to spend your summer in this van promoting wine in a can? Now it's a possibility.
A new job will see a lucky person travelling around in a van and promoting canned wine. Image by Betsy Newman/Union Wine Company

The new employee of Union Wine will be travelling to summer music festivals, outdoor events and more, heading out from the company’s home base in Oregon to the East Coast and back again, according to the job listing.

The lucky individual will be signing on as part of the “Road Trip Events team”, where they will be promoting the Oregon wines, including the company’s wine in a can. The position – dubbed the “Canbassador” – will require the applicant to head out on an extended road trip, but they do caution that it will include being away from home for long periods, from one to four months at a time. The work is also seasonal, so that means working full-time for a few months, followed by a few months off.

A hiker enjoys a canned wine on a mountain.
Wine in a can means you can drink Pinot Noir at the top of a mountain. Image by AJ Wells/Union Wine Company

There will also be long hours and the new staff member will have to adapt to sometimes stressful situations, while maintaining a positive attitude. But if the lure of spending the summer on the road is enough for you, Union Wine is looking for someone with good communication and organizational skills.

The new employee must be 21 years old or older, able to drive a big vehicle with a trailer, lift 50 pounds on a regular basis, pass a USDOT Physical Certification, and more.

It would also help if you enjoy meeting new people and going to new places, and are “comfortable living on the road”, where you may find yourself sleeping in “alternative spots” at strange hours and with minimal amenities.

Heading up a mountain with a canned wine.
Need a drink on the go? You could spend the summer promoting wine in a can. Image by AJ Wells/Union Wine Company

And while it’s going to be hard work in addition to all the fun and travel, be honest, they had you at “wine in a can”. If you want to apply, you must be quick though, as cover letters and resumes must be submitted by 7 May. Find out more here.