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This mesmerising drone video shows The Netherlands’ tulip fields in full spring bloom

Many countries around the world are experiencing the joys of spring in their own unique ways. While people across Japan relish the opening of the cherry blossoms, The Netherlands has welcomed the bloom of its world famous tulip fields. And now we can all enjoy the vibrant spectacle from a truly unique angle, thanks to a new drone video shot from the sky.

Colourful rows of flowers in the Netherlands tulip fields of Keukenhof in Lisse,
The famous tulip fields of Keukenhof in Lisse Image by The Droning Dutchman

Filmed by YouTuber The Droning Dutchman, the video features the tulip fields of Keukenhof in Lisse, home of one of the largest flower gardens in the world. This spring, more than 7 million bulbs of 800 varieties of tulip will bloom throughout the 32 hectares at the famous grounds. The video shows rows of bright and colourful flowers growing in uniform lines in the fields, as well as the beaches of the Hook of Holland and the trees of the De Biesbosch National Park.

“I consider spring to be the most beautiful season in The Netherlands. There is something special about having the Dutch landscape come to life, and although the fields are beautiful seen from the ground, I particularly enjoyed capturing and sharing the palette of vibrant colours from the sky,” The Droning Dutchman told Lonely Planet Travel News.