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Helsinki is painting masks on these famous statues in an epic KISS tribute

Next week will see rock legends KISS returning to Finland on 4 May for a concert at Hartwell Arena in Helsinki, and the city is preparing a pretty epic welcome in the form of four huge statues wearing masks that mimic the band’s iconic black and white facepaint.

KISS Helsinki men of rock masks
An artist’s impression of what the painted masks will look like on the statues.

Located at Helsinki Central Railway Station, the four Men of Rock statues are seen by hundreds of thousands of people every day passing by, and have become known as a famous landmark in the city. This week will see four local KISS fans getting the opportunity to paint five-foot tall masks that will adorn the statues ahead of the band’s arrival.

Proving to be a haven for heavy metal fans and bands alike, it’s no surprise that Finland knows how to represent their love of rock music on such a large scale, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. “The band feels that the idea of giving the fans such a great opportunity is truly fantastic,” said Mark Stroman, a representative of KISS.

KISS men of rock Helsinki statues masks
KISS on stage at the Zenith in Paris. Image by Bertrand Guay/Getty Images

The masks are due to go up this Friday, and will be on display and visible for all to see until 5 May. A larger event is planned for the day of the concert that will welcome fans from around the country, many of which will pass through the railway station and past the for Men of Rock.