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Actor Shia LaBeouf is spending a month in a remote cabin in Finland in complete isolation

Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf has teamed up with one of Finland’s top contemporary art museums for a new performance art project; living alone in a cabin in Lapland for one month.

Shia LaBeouf Image by Getty Images

In the piece, called #ALONETOGETHER, LaBeouf, British artist Luke Turner and Finnish performance artist Nastja Säde Rönkkö will each be living in complete isolation, in separate cabins in the wilderness of the Lapland region for one month. The only communication from the outside world they can receive are messages from visitors to Helsinki’s Kiasma museum, where another cabin has been set up for people to watch live streams of the trio living in seclusion.

The artists can then respond to the visitors’ questions, but only via text message. They will not be able to see them or communicate with anyone else, not even with each other. During the museum’s opening hours, you can follow a live online stream of visitors to the indoor cabin, and the artists’ responses’ to the questions will also be on the screen below, although the visitors’ messages will not.

Kota, hut of the Sami people, Sinettä, Lapland, Finland. For security reasons, the location of Shia's cabin has not been released.
Kota, hut of the Sami people, Sinettä, Lapland, Finland. For security reasons, the location of Shia’s cabin has not been released. Image by Stephan Rech

While LaBeouf still regularly performs in Hollywood movies, he has increasingly been making headlines for his politically-charged performance art. Since 2014 he has been collaborating with Turner and Rönkkö, most famously for a 24-hour livestream from New York meant to last the four years of Donald Trump’s presidency. That ended in February due to safety concerns and the Kiasma museum has also been forced to increase security due to some people coming in to harass LaBeouf via the text message service.

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