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Portland's famous Salt & Straw ice cream shop opens in San Francisco

Among the many headlines Portland, Oregon has made for their food scene in the past few years, one common theme is that the cult-following ice cream shop Salt & Straw is always worth a visit.

Portland's famous Salt & Straw opening in San Francisco.
Portland’s famous Salt & Straw opening in San Francisco. Image by Salt & Straw

Now Bay Area residents can enjoy the same unique and creative flavors – plus a few San Francisco special options.

Together with her cousin Tyler, co-founder Kim Malek has found a secret combination of ingredients that work for today’s adventurous ice cream connoisseurs. Started on Kim’s personal savings in a food cart, Salt & Straw focused on keeping money in the local economy (hence how long it took Salt & Straw to expand despite their ravenous fans) and reducing food waste. “We were really struck by the idea that we waste 40% of our food in the United States, and that children in our cities are going hungry,” Kim Malek, said in a recent interview. “If we were able to use that food, we could wipe out hunger.”

Freckled Woodblock Chocolate ice cream.
Freckled Woodblock Chocolate ice cream. Image by Salt & Straw

While ice cream might not wipe out hunger, Salt & Straw plans to highlight how ingredients that normally go in the trash can still be delicious. They’re planning a campaign in June that uses rescued spices and apples to create a mouth-watering Second-Steeped Rum Spices and Apple Butter flavor, in partnership with local food waste reduction agencies.

Small batch ice cream from Portland is now in San Francisco.
Small batch ice cream from Portland is now in San Francisco. Image by Salt & Straw

The San Francisco location joins the family of three locations in Portland and five in Los Angeles; Seattle is expected to get its first location in late 2017.

The San Francisco menu features fan-favorite flavors including Honey Lavender and Olive Oil & Lemon Custard, but also has five San Francisco-only flavors like Cinnamon Ancho & Cajeta and Green Apple Mayo Sorbet.
The new Salt & Straw location opened Friday, April 14 in San Francisco at 2201 Fillmore St.

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