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No more hanging around, as a new online guide lists waiting times for popular attractions in Amsterdam

A very useful webpage has been launched on a pilot basis that will be of interest to anyone visiting Amsterdam. The page is called Rijenradar and it’s located on the I amsterdam website. It lists the waiting times for popular museums and attractions in the Netherlands‘ capital city.

Anne Frank house and holocaust museum in Amsterdam.
Anne Frank house and holocaust museum in Amsterdam. Image by Dennis van de Water/Shutterstock

By seeing what the estimated waiting time is for the various attractions, you can plan your visit so that you don’t wait longer than necessary in queues. The attractions listed include the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank Huis, Rijksmuseum, Eye Filmmuseum, Heineken Experience, Scheepvaartmuseum, Cobra Museum, Fran Hals Museum, Tropenmuseum and Rembrandthuis

If the pilot proves successful after three months, other museums will be invited to join in. The idea behind the project is to encourage visitors to visit attractions without long queues and spread the tourism business around the city. It is being piloted by Amsterdam Marketing in collaboration with the City of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Museum.

We’re sure it will be a success as anything that means we get to see more and queue less is a winner in our books. Check out the Rijenradar here.

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