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These delectable new ice cream trends popping up on Instagram are making us scream

As we head towards summer and the temperature rises, ice cream is a staple treat to keep us cool. We’ve noticed some adorable ice cream trends popping up on Instagram from all over the world, incorporating cute animal figures and vibrant colours, such as this fab rainbow one.

We’ve had the Pokemon Go craze worldwide in recent months, so it’s probably no surprise that Pokemon ice cream has also become a trend. The North Pole Cafe in Jakarta has a host of delicious characters to enjoy, ranging from Marill to Pikachu.

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l 17, 2016 at 5:23am PDT

It also does seasonal ice creams like Dracula at Halloween and Rudolph at Christmas. Then there are the colourful ones that are always in vogue, such as this unicorn ice cream waffle.

Kakigoori is a Japanese ice-cream trend that is all over Instagram these days. It’s a shaved-ice dish that is moulded into various colourful or dishes.

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Kakigoori is really popular when presented in cute forms, such as this adorable snowman from Shirayuki in Indonesia.

A post shared by SHIRAYUKI (@shirayuki.id) on Apr 18, 2016 at 12:34am PDT

And finally, we have the trend for ice-cream rolls, where ice cream is melted and poured out like pancake mixture and made into colourful rolls.

Check out how the ice cream rolls are made in this Insta-video below.

With such deliciousness on offer, all we can say is roll on the good weather!

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