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A Dubai-based flight attendant is flying high by documenting her travels on social media

A Serbian flight attendant with Emirates is winning legions of fans by documenting her exotic travelling experiences on social media. Dubai-based Maria Soldatova, 29, has 85,000 followers between YouTube and Instagram, and posts under the name SkyFlyGirl. They love seeing the exotic destinations she flies to and what she gets up to during layovers, including sightseeing and shopping.

Maria’s most popular video has over 900k views, and shows her preparing for and recovering from a 16-hour flight from Dubai to Auckland, New Zealand. She has travelled to more than 71 destinations in her six-year career with Emirates, and loves visiting tropical countries in particular, although London is her favourite destination.



Those interested in a career in travel will enjoy Maria sharing the realities of being a flight attendant, sharing tips on beating jetlag and preparing for long flights. As flight attendants are traditionally extremely well-groomed, she also shares makeup tips in her vlogs.

Maria regularly meets up with her online viewers during layovers in different countries. They often offer to show her around, and she is more than happy to be shown all the sights the cities she has landed in to has to offer. She says it also makes her feel more connected to her community of followers.

Maria’s travel vlogs are very entertaining and give a great insight into her daily life in Dubai. She says there is nowhere she would rather be living at the moment. The flight attendant first shared her story on Emirates Woman, and the vlogs and images she posts give travel inspiration to her followers. 

You can follow SkyFlyGirl’s globe-trotting adventures on her Instagram or YouTube channel.

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