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Hyatt hotels want to make it easier for you to continue your Netflix binge on holidays

 If your idea of a vacation is relaxing on a hotel bed watching your favourite Netflix show, Hyatt hotels are trying to make that a bit easier for you.

Stream Netflix in a Hyatt hotel room.
Stream Netflix in a Hyatt hotel room. Image by Netflix

The hotel company has partnered with Sonifi Solutions to provide “personalized streaming” to guests at its hotels. Using technology powered by Google Chromecast and the World of Hyatt mobile app, guests will be able to use Netflix, Hulu and YouTube to access their room’s television on their own accounts, without needing to log in again. That means that users can pick up right where they left off in their last Netflix pick, without having to sign in on the television.  

But it’s not just for travellers needing to relax with some TV after a long day of exploring – business travellers can access presentations or images on their television screen. This technology is already available at 14 Hyatt hotels, including Hyatt Regency New Orleans and Hyatt Centric French Quarter New Orleans, and the company has plans to roll it out to more locations.

The benefit of the technology is that guests can use their services with the tap of a button through the Hyatt app, without needing to enter a code or personal details on the TV. And, to mitigate the risk of anyone else using their accounts, there is also a secure system that will log them out of the system when they check out. The move to provide travelers with easy streaming is one that will likely please many; a recent survey found that after strong Wi-Fi and more power outlets, the availability of streaming services like Netflix or HBO Go is at the top of travelers’ wish-lists.

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