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British DJ Paul Oakenfold brings 'highest party on earth' to Everest Base Camp

For many, trekking in Nepal represents a chance to escape the noise and pressures of modern life. But the modern world is coming to Nepal; Wi-Fi internet and mobile phones are now commonplace on the trail to Everest Base Camp, and noise levels went up to 11 on Tuesday when DJ Paul Oakenfold performed the first ever DJ set at the foot of the world’s highest mountain.

DJ Paul Oakenfold
DJ Paul Oakenfold Image by Steven Lawton/Getty Images

Earlier this week, the veteran DJ – famed for launching the so-called Second Summer of Love with a tour of Ibiza in 1987 – staged a warm-up event at Pheriche, a few days down the valley, in preparation for the main event at the mountaineers’ tent village at Everest Base Camp on Tuesday morning.


For revellers used to the high-octane antics of Oakenfold’s club nights, the Base Camp session may have felt a little subdued. All amplification had to be transported up the mountain by porters, and with the risk of avalanches, the normal ear-splitting volume levels were dialled down to a gentle roar.

SoundTrekked! Thank you Everest Base Camp! 💯❤️🏔

A post shared by Paul Oakenfold (@pauloakenfold) on Apr 10, 2017 at 11:10pm PDT

Revellers also had little opportunity for dancing, thanks to the thin air and low oxygen levels at 5380m, though this didn’t stop some down-jacket-clad trekkers from having a go. After trekking for 10 days to reach Base Camp, Oakenfold spun his signature trance mixes to an audience of around 100, many of them climbers waiting for the right weather conditions to make an attempt on the summit of Everest.

Warming up.. next stop #Everest

A post shared by Paul Oakenfold (@pauloakenfold) on Apr 5, 2017 at 11:37pm PDT

The high-altitude show was not purely an act of bravado. The 53-year-old disk jockey trained for four months before starting the trek to Base Camp, and profits from the event will be donated to help local people suffering from the effects of the 2015 earthquake. Described as the ‘highest party on earth’, this is just the first in a series of extreme events planned for the SoundTrek tour, which aims to bring electronic music ‘to many of the planet’s most remote and challenging locations’.

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