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Visitors will be tickled pink by this fuschia-hued English Airbnb complete with garden unicorns

If you’re a fan of the colour pink and like to embrace your inner princess, you may like to know that a fuschia-hued mansion in England is available to rent via Airbnb. Eaton House Studio in Tiptree in Essex comes complete with glittery walls, fairy lights, neon signs and ceramic unicorns, and you can bring all your mates as it can sleep up to 30 people.

This pink house in Essex can be booked through Airbnb. Image: Eaton House Studio
This pink house in Essex can be booked through Airbnb. Image: Eaton House Studio

The pink house is an art piece that is constantly evolving, and its owners, Amy and James, add to it all the time. There are unicorns and flamingos dotted around the place, and even the flowers in the garden are pink.

The house has been described as a perfect place for celebrating a special occasion with friends. It has indoor and outdoor cinema screens, a portable, wireless sound system and barbeque facilities. It has also served as a location for film and photography, and we can see why.

There is plenty to do inside the pink house, from reading a book from the library in one of the cosy spaces around the property, to larking around the pool table or having a relaxing dip in the jacuzzi. You could even hold a dance-off as it has its very own glitter ball.

If you fancy exploring the surroundings, the pink house’s many local attractions include a nature reserve and bird sanctuary and an award-winning nursery. Tiptree is also home to the internationally renowned Tiptree Jam Factory if you’d like to sample a traditional English afternoon tea, and there is a pub within walking distance of the house.

If staying at this pink palace sounds like the vacation of your rosy-hued dreams, check out Eaton House Studio’s Instagram or Airbnb listing.

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