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See what it's like to ride Europe’s highest and fastest rollercoaster

Adrenaline junkies can now head to Ferrari Land, the new theme park in Spain that is home to Europe’s highest and fastest rollercoaster.


The park opened 7 April in Catalonia and adult entrance costs €60. Its ‘vertical accelerator’ ride takes thrill-seekers from 0 to 180 kmph in five seconds, before whisking them up to a height of 112 metres and hurtling down the other side. “The acceleration is going to be even quicker than a Formula One car,” Marc Gené, a Ferrari test driver working with the theme park, told The Local before the park opened.  

‘What is going to be very impressive is the G force on the vertical accelerator. At 4.5 G it is even more than a Formula One car. Attractions will allow visitors to experience first hand some of the sensations of driving a Formula One racing car. It’s a park for all ages, where even the youngest members of the family can discover the legendary spirit of Ferrari,’ Gené said.


Ferrari Land also includes a race track, two Formula One simulators, and two 55-metre free-fall towers that propel riders in two directions. There’s a ‘Little Italy’ section of the park with replicas of the Colosseum in Rome, Milan’s La Scala opera house, the Piazza San Marco in Venice and the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. The experience is rounded off with a host of Italian restaurants and a building based on the real-life factory owned by Enzo Ferrari.

The park is part of PortAventura World, a complex one-hour’s drive south of Barcelona that includes five themed hotels, an adventure park and a water park, and attracts four million visitors every year. Ferrari Land aims to emulate the success of Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, which opened in 2010.

This story was originally published on 2 February 2017 and was updated on 10 April. 

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