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Speechless with the one you love? Try these beautiful, untranslatable words

Love is complicated and putting it into words is sometimes impossible. Now Expedia has created infographics of some of the most beautiful, untranslatable words in non-English languages that lovers never knew they needed. Sometimes ‘I love you’ just isn’t enough.

Just one example of the language of love you never knew you needed.

You don’t have to be in Chile to experience this.


Norway sums it up pretty accurately.


That sound you’re hearing? That’s your heart breaking in two because of the cuteness.


Sri Lanka has been there (and so have the rest of us).


Is this reminding you to call someone?


Ah, so that’s what it is. This Spanish word sums it up nicely.


Who hasn’t felt this at one time or another?


Can apply to animals just as much as babies, right?

Now you have built up your love lexicon, go forth and use it on your beloved. Try and say them all with an Italian accent too; a survey last year found it was the most romantic.

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