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Avocado craze at new height as “the world’s first quick-serve avocado bar” opens in Brooklyn

If you wish that every meal you eat could include a creamy and delicious avocado, then a new restaurant opening in Brooklyn won’t disappoint as every item on the menu centres around the highly-coveted superfood.

Greek bowl.
Greek bowl. Image by Avocaderia.

Avocaderia in New York describes itself as “the world’s first quick-serve avocado bar” with every dish featuring avocado, from breakfast, salads, smoothies and guacamole.

Shichimi toast.
Shichimi toast. Image by Avocaderia

The restaurant is a natural extension of the world’s love affair with avocados, which has been taken to such lengths that one restaurant in Amsterdam began serving burgers on avocado buns. In fact, the fruit is so universally beloved at this point that one restaurant in London has actually taken things in the opposite extreme, banning avocado from its menu because of its overuse. Naturally, if you also subscribe to the idea that avocado is a totally overused ingredient in modern restaurant fare, it may be best to skip Avocaderia.

The new restaurant is run by three Italians, Francesco Brachetti and Alessandro Biggi, who will run business and operations, and Alberto Gramini, the chef. The idea was created by Francesco after he moved to Mexico and fell in love with the avocado used in many different dishes.

Cereal bowl.
Cereal bowl. Image by Avocaderia

All of the avocados used in the recipes are organic and “farmed in the Mexican state of Michoacán by a consortium of local farmers, and fairly traded to the US. Avocaderia only works with suppliers respectful of the environment and the rights of their employees.”

Salmon toast. avocado restaurant
Salmon toast. Image by Avocaderia

The menu will feature ingredients from a variety of cuisines, from pico de gallo from Mexico, shichimi from Japan, and duqqa from Egypt.

Guacamole. avocado restaurant
Guacamole. Image by Avocaderia

Avocaderia is located in Building 2 at Industry City, at 254 36th Street, and serves breakfast and lunch Monday to Friday.  

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