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The famous cable car on Germany’s highest mountain will be replaced

A famous cable car that takes tourists to the top of Germany’s highest mountain is going to be replaced with a newer version.

Cable car to Zugspitze the highest mountain in Germany.
Cable car to Zugspitze the highest mountain in Germany. Image by Jon Boyes/Getty Images

The Eibsee cable car at the Zugspitze takes travellers up the incredible peak, which is 2962 metres above sea level, and is famous for the amazing views it provides. The mountain, located in the Alps, has three glaciers and the country’s highest ski resort.

The existing cable car opened in 1963 and its replacement is scheduled to go into operation in December 2017. Like its predecessor, the new Zugspitze cable car is also a pendulum cable system and will follow a similar route. However, the new car will be setting some new records when it goes into operation, including “the world’s highest cable car support tower measuring 127 metres, the greatest altitude difference of 1945 metres over one section, as well as the world’s longest free span covering 3213 metres”.

The cable car on Zugspitze.
The cable car on Zugspitze. Image by Zugspitze

Due to the popularity of the region, there are often long waits at the Eibsee cable car as travellers flock to enjoy the incredible view. But the new carts will have an increased capacity which is meant to keep the lines to a minimum on busy days.

While the old cable car stayed in operation during the first stages of construction, it will now be shut down while the work continues on its replacement. Visitors will still be able to access the peak on the cogwheel train and glacier cable car, and once they are up there, they will be able to enjoy restaurants, shops, a ski resort and of course, amazing panoramic views.

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