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Could sipping from a tequila cloud entice you to visit Mexico?

Mexico’s tourism board is hoping that a cloud that rains tequila could help entice travelers to visit the country and try its favourite tipple where it’s created.


The tourism group recently created the Tequila Cloud and installed it at the Urban Spree gallery in Berlin. The cloud is part of an art installation to help locals deal with the rainy and cold winter, and encourage them to consider a trip to Mexico.

The installation used real tequila, which was turned into a floating “cloud” using a plastic container to hold it together. From there, the tequila flowed on demand and was entirely free to guests. The cloud was created with a humidifier capable of turning the liquid alcohol into a mist, which then condensed into raindrops of delicious tequila.  

A post shared by Ernesto Adduci (@eadduci) on Mar 10, 2017 at 7:31am PST

Then, eager visitors can take a taste by holding a glass under the cloud and filling their cup, all the way to the brim if they want!

Unfortunately, the installation has already passed – but travelers could always start planning a trip to Mexico, where they can sample the drink straight from the source. Technically, the only tequila that can truly carry that name contains blue agave grown in the state of Jalisco, where the red volcanic soil is best suited for the cultivation of that particular kind of agave.

Travelers can visit the National Museum of Tequila to gain a bit of insight into the creation of the region’s beloved drink. Outside of that region, visitors can sample a similar drink, mezcal.  

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