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The most Brooklyn thing to do in Brooklyn this Friday: 150th anniversary ice disco

If you’re NYC bound this weekend, and you’re after the most Brooklyn thing to do in Brooklyn – other than grow a hipster beard and drink whiskey in a dive bar – you’re in luck. Prospect Park – one of the borough’s most beloved, some might say – is celebrating its 150th birthday, since being opened way back when in 1867.

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Ever since, it’s attracted all walks of life, be it to get active, play frisbee or enjoy some elusive chill time in the city that never sleeps. To mark the occasion, the Prospect Park Alliance has put together a whopper schedule of events; most notably, the ice roller disco party on Friday 31 March. But this isn’t any old roller disco, no. It’s a retro-themed, ‘Dreamland Ice Disco party’, for which they’ve recruited Lola Star of Coney Island. She’s kind of a big deal (or so we’ve heard), drawing a crowd of revellers, dancers, kids and tourists to her famous roller discos. Also, did we mention it’s on ice? Word on the street says it’s set to be an immersive experience and the first of its kind.

You’ll skate the night away to floor-filling tunes from the 70s, 80s and 90s, while at the same time, be dazzled by dancers, figure-skating performers and impressive hula-hoopers. Prospect Park is enormous, so make a bee-line straight for the LeFrak Centre at Lakeside, and for those with kids in tow, this is an over 21s event only. Admission $20 PP. If you can’t make the Friday, fret not. The homegrown fun continues on Saturday and Sunday – kids welcome for all – with a parade, BBQs, a smorgasburg (otherwise known as the best foodie experience in Brooklyn), tours and an exhibition 1860s ballgame featuring the Brooklyn Atlantics. If you want to get right under the belly of NYC, this is it. If you’re kicking yourself that you’re missing out, Prospect Park is always worth a visit, regardless of the weekend; all of the above runs in tandem with their regular ice-skating, their massive zoo and their carousel-rides.

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