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Twin Peaks and Mad Men fans will love this new bar in New York City

In New York City, a new bar pulls inspiration from two very different TV shows: the recent hit ‘Mad Men’ and the 1990s cult classic that will soon be revived by Showtime, ‘Twin Peaks’.

Mr. & Mrs. Kim drink. Twin Peaks Mad Men bar
Mr. & Mrs. Kim drink. Image by The Lately

The Lately, which just opened in Chelsea, blends a Northwest rustic cabin aesthetic (aka ‘Twin Peaks’) with mid-century modern touches inspired by ‘Mad Men’. Co-creators LDV Hospitality and Den Hospitality sum the style up as ‘loosely modeled after an upstate cabin of yore, with a fireplace, playful wallpaper and modern flourishes’. The mashup lends a quirky yet elegant vibe to the 3400 sq ft space, which was previously a nightclub.

Wall decor at The Lately. Twin Peaks Mad Men bar
Wall decor at The Lately. Image by The Lately

The food and drink menu is equally eclectic. Upscale bar fare puts twists on classic offerings like brats and pretzels, but also features green pea puree and crackers and quinoa hush puppies. Likewise, the craft cocktails range from the classic Manhattans and Negronis to playful concoctions using custom ingredients like celery shrub or lime matcha cordial.

The Ultramaroon. Twin Peaks Mad Men bar
The Ultramaroon. Image by The Lately

Banking on TV nostalgia has been something of a trend for restaurants in recent years, and The Lately joins a recent trend that a has seen properties as varied as ‘Golden Girls’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Saved by the Bell’ inspiring bars, cafes and restaurants around the world.

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