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It’s going to be much cheaper to fly to Europe from the US this summer

If you’re wondering whether this summer is your chance for a European getaway, start planning – data from travel search engine Kayak has revealed that summer airfares from the US to Europe are up to 42% cheaper than last year.

Old Fortress in Dubrovnik Harbor.
Old Fortress in Dubrovnik Harbor. Image by ©Samantha T. Photography/Getty Images

A number of cities are showing round-trip airfares that are 20% to 30% lower than last year. Cities like Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Prague and Reykjavik have all seen reductions year-over-year, while Zurich tops the list with a 42% drop in prices since last summer.

Flights to many European capitals will be less expensive, like Amsterdam at an average of 36% cheaper, Paris at 35%, and Rome at 24%. With Croatia seeing a rapid rise in interest from travellers, it also saw three of its cities make the top 10 with the most price-reduced flights, with airfare to Zagreb at an average of 34% cheaper, Dubrovnik at 32% and Split at 31%. The average difference in median prices among the top 50 most-searched European cities saw a total 17.9% drop in fares compared to 2016. The company’s data is based on travel dates between 1 April and 4 September for travellers searching for flights from the US.

cheap flights Domed roof tops of Santa Maria di Montesanto and Santa Maria dei Miracoli, from the Pincio, Rome, Italy.
Domed roof tops of Santa Maria di Montesanto and Santa Maria dei Miracoli, from the Pincio, Rome, Italy. Image by Sylvain Sonnet / Getty Images

David Solomito, Kayak travel expert and vice-president of North America marketing, said in a statement that travellers should consider an early summer vacation to save the most money, noting that “generally speaking, it is cheapest to fly to Europe in May this summer”.

If you’re wondering why you’re getting a good deal this year, Kayak sees the strong US dollar and the presence of more budget airlines between the continents as the primary drivers. Solomito also notes that with talk of Americans requiring visas to travel to the EU, it could be a good time to visit in case additional documentation is needed in the future.

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