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See the world in miniature at this new attraction in New York

A new attraction in New York will take travellers all around the world without ever leaving Manhattan.


Gulliver’s Gate, named for Jonathan Swift’s novel Gulliver’s Travels, is a huge exhibition of miniature scale models of famous places around the world – as well as from fictional worlds – that opens next month.

Featured will be famous spots like Big Ben in London, the New York Stock Exchange, Italy’s Cinque Terre, the Taj Mahal in India and more. There will even be a model of the International Space Station hovering above the miniatures, according to the website. A fully-functional tiny airport will even feature airplanes that can actually take off and land.

Some visitors to the new attraction can even become a “citizen” of Gulliver’s Gate. As parts of the miniatures are created with 3D printers, some of the first guests will be able to have their bodies scanned and recreated as a figure within the display. The new citizens of Gulliver’s Gate will get a framed photo of their replica and a “passport” that entitles them to special pricing and access if they want to return.

Tickets are on sale now for previews of the new exhibit, which will open for previews on 4 April. Adults can get preview tickets for $25 until 8 May, when the standard entry prices will be $36.

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