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Las Vegas gallery showcases surprisingly beautiful food photography

In addition to hosting high rollers from all over the world, Las Vegas is well known for its food and art scenes, and this spring a new exhibit will combine the two. The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace will welcome the Modernist Cuisine Gallery, showcasing the unique food photography of Nathan Myhrvold.

Chard. Image by Modernist Cuisine

Myhrvold writes and photographs cookbooks that focus on culinary science and cutting edge techniques, including Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking, Modernist Cuisine at Home, and the forthcoming Modernist Bread. But with a background in science and technology that includes working with Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates, he isn’t the typical cookbook author. After retiring from Microsoft, Myhrvold assembled a team of scientists, chefs, and editors to delve into the science of cooking, working from a kitchen and laboratory with tools that range from a pizza oven and a soft serve machine to a centrifuge and laser cutter.

Cutaway blender.
Cutaway blender. Image by Modernist Cuisine

The book’s photography is as revolutionary as its recipes. Using microscopes and custom-built lenses, Myhrvold and his team transform standard food photography into art. Visitors to the Las Vegas Modernist Cuisine Gallery — the first in the world to focus solely on food photography by a single artist — can purchase his limited-edition prints in a range of sizes, including large format. The collection combines iconic photographs from the cookbooks and brand 

Bread crumb.
Bread crumb. Image by Modernist Cuisine

While a Modernist Cuisine food photography exhibit has traveled to museums around the country, Las Vegas seemed like the ideal home for a more permanent gallery. “Several things made Las Vegas an irresistible location for us to open the Modernist Cuisine Gallery,” Myhrvold told Lonely Planet. “Las Vegas has become an incredible food destination that draws people from around the globe. Where else can you find 10-foot-tall portraits of famous chefs lit up on towering hotels? It’s also a city that has been receptive to artists who have blazed a trail before us and created their vision of how to sell their art.”

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The Modernist Cuisine Gallery opens at The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace in May 2017.

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