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This Swedish hotel chain will give you a refund if you get divorced

If you’re not so sure your new marriage is going to last, plan on spending your honeymoon at this Swedish hotel chain where getting divorced after your stay can get you your money back.

Man with digital tablet ignoring girlfriend in bed
This hotel chain is offering money back if you divorce.  Image by Rick Gomez/Getty Images

Countryside Hotels in Sweden is offering a “relationship guarantee”, meaning travellers who stay at their hotels can get some of their money back if they split up within a year of staying there.

Overview of harbour on Kladesholmen, Sweden.
Overview of harbour on Kladesholmen, Sweden. Image by Lonely Planet

The offer is perfect for those planning a trip to Sweden while their relationship is on the rocks, as the chain has locations all around the country. Guests who doubt the longevity of their marriage can book their room and use the reservation code “relationsgaranti”. If the couple splits up over the next year, they can submit their divorce papers and Countryside Hotels will give them their money back for up to two nights.

There are a few stipulations – you do have to be a legally married couple, stay in the same room, and use the proper booking code. Your divorce must also be complete within the years’ time, so you’ll have to plan ahead to meet the timeline.

And while banking on a breakup may seem like a bad way to travel, the hotel chain is hoping it will bring couples closer together. The website notes that it sees the value in people spending a bit of time away together and working on their relationship – so hopefully travellers won’t actually have to cash in their “relationship guarantee”.

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