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Avocado OFF the menu - a London restaurant has banned the popular superfood from its menu

A London restaurant has made a bold move in the world of brunch by choosing to ban the ever popular avocado from its menu, becoming the first in the UK to ever do so.

avocado ban
The restaurant made the decision to highlight other interesting ingredients for brunch. Image by Firedog

The news was announced this week by Firedog, a newly-opened Aegean-inspired restaurant and bar located in the district of Fitzrovia that serves all day breakfast and lunch. The restaurant said that the decision to ban the ingredient was done so in order to highlight and celebrate other delicious superfoods other than avocados. With the UK being in the midst of a growing avocado obsession (the end of 2015 saw people spending more on the unlikely fruit than oranges for the first time), choosing to remove it is a gamble that the restaurant believes will pay off.

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“Our mission is to reinvigorate the morning dining scene in London, which has done avocado to death, and we’re frankly bored of seeing it on every breakfast and brunch menu,” said executive chef George Notley. While the avocado may indeed be increasingly popular on plates around the world, mass consumption has recently led to issues of deforestation in regions such as Mexico.

The Firedog Mezze Breakfast.
The Firedog Mezze Breakfast. Image by Firedog

In its place, the restaurant is offering a selection of vibrant fruits and vegetables throughout their range of dishes, which include grilled halloumi and fennel-roasted beetroot, pan-fried sea bass with pickled cucumber, pomegranate, dill and green chilli, and chargrilled plums with honey-salted pistachios on toasted brioche. While much of the draw of the avocado is due to its “superfood” status, Firedog says that the choice of ingredients at its restaurant will promote a range of healthy alternatives.

Avocado Ban
The interior of Firedog in London. Image by Firedog

The menu takes a modern approach to dining with mezze, encouraging visitors to try and share different dishes. “It’s all about the social buzz and stimulating tastes of a local hawker market. Most dishes are small and shareable, like having all your favourite street vendors in one place,” said chef George Notley. More information on Firedog’s menu is available at their website.  

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