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Heineken open pop-up bakery selling bread made with beer yeast for this weekend only

The Dutch beer company Heineken are opening a pop-up bakery in Amsterdam which will sell bread made from their secretive A-yeast, which they usually use to make their lager. Master baker Mark Plaating will be selling the loaves from his Vijzelstraat shop between 18 – 21 March.

Beer bread? Yes please.
Beer bread? Yes please. Image by Dorling Kindersley

Open each day from noon until 9 pm, the bread made using the special yeast will be available to buy for €2 a loaf. The bread, which Plaating has labelled ‘fantastic’, is said to have a lot extra flavour thanks to the A-yeast, which Heineken have been using to make beer since the 19th century.

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Speaking about the pop-up bakery to DutchNews.nl, Mark Plaating said: ‘Heineken’s A-yeast is completely different from the other yeasts I use for baking bread. Bakers’ yeast is developed to create large volumes quickly. The A-yeast takes much longer. You can pull up a chair to watch it rise.’ Proceeds from the pop-up bakery will go to the Dutch bakers’ guild.

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For beer fans that don’t want a slice of the bakery action, Amsterdam is also home to the Heineken Experience, an interactive tour that inside the company’s old brewery. As part of the tour, visitors ‘become’ a beer as they’re shaken, sprayed with water and then warmed. Naturally, the Dutch capital is awash with good independent breweries and bars as well. Here we rounded up the best craft beer bars in Amsterdam.
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