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Watch a freediver get up close and personal with orcas off the coast of Norway

A filmmaker captured stunning footage of a freediver interacting with orca whales off the coast of Norway.  


Photographer David Gonzalez Buendia is based in Tromsø, northern Norway and captured the footage in November 2016, when he was invited on a week-long expedition by marine biologist and freediver Andreas B. Heide. 

David – who filmed Heide interacting with the orcas – told the Local that swimming with the creatures was an incredible experience. “I was more excited than scared, even though I was aware of the potential danger of the killer whales, the biggest predator in the ocean. Once in the water I got amazed of how magnificent these animals are in the water: gentle and at the same time really powerful in their moves.”

David rounded off his trip by filming what might be the first footage of a person kitesurfing under the Aurora Borealis. Professional kitesurfer Kari Schibevaag was also on the expedition and got the opportunity to kitesurf underneath the full spectacle of the Aurora Borealis.

The orca video will feature in an upcoming documentary about the life of the animals in the wild. Orcas – also known as killer whales – are not technically on the list of endangered species, largely due to the fact that they are difficult to track due to their wide distribution and fast travel speed. Despite this, experts do consider them a threatened species, due to marine pollution and commercial hunting.

This orca video will feature in an upcoming documentary.
Orcas off the coast of Canada. Image by Tory Kallman/Shutterstock

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