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Miami’s 1000ft-high observation tower will have base jumping and floating glass pods

Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Seattle has the Space Needle, and soon Miami will have a world-class observation tower of its own. Soaring 1000 feet high, SkyRise Miami will be perched on the Biscayne Bay waterfront at the city’s Bayside Marketplace.

Miami will soon have it's own world-class observation tower
Miami will soon have it’s own world-class observation tower Image by M4 Digital Medias

While observation towers around the globe entice visitors with unparalleled views of their surroundings, SkyRise will do that and more. In addition to three observation decks with 40 mile views of the city and ocean, the asymmetrical structure will offer thrill seekers a host of adrenaline-pumping attractions. Similar to base jumping, Sky Plunge attaches jumpers to a bungee-like safety system inside the building, creating a controlled, nearly 500 foot fall that reaches speeds of 55 miles per hour.

Skyrise will give visitors unparalleled views of Miami.
Skyrise will give visitors unparalleled views of Miami. Image by M4 Digital Medias

If that isn’t fast enough, there’s Sky Drop, touted as the longest and fastest drop in the world. Riders are raised toward the top of the tower, then dropped nearly 600 feet at speeds of 95 miles per hour. SkyWay orbs are also in the works. Twenty glass pods, each holding up to 15 people, will showcase a 360 degree view of the city as they slowly rotate on the building’s exterior.

Skyrise is set for completion in 2019.
Skyrise is set for completion in 2019. Image by M4 Digital Medias

The Flying Theatre, tame by comparison, suspends riders 40 feet in the air for a motion based simulator “hang-gliding” tour of South Florida. The six minute film highlights the sights and sounds of coastline, Everglades, and wildlife, while viewers feel the mist of the water and smell the lime groves and tomatoes. SkyRise will also host shops, dining options, event spaces, and, at the very top, Miami’s loftiest nightclub.

The brainchild of Jeff Berkowitz and his development group, SkyRise Miami is slated to open in 2019.

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