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Trekkers can soon visit the world's tallest tropical rainforest tree in Malaysia

The world’s tallest tropical rainforest tree will soon be welcoming nature lovers as official treks are due to get underway in Malaysia.

This stunning valley is home to the world's tallest tropical rainforest tree
Sunrise over Danum Valley jungle. Image by Nora Carol Photography

The rainforest, located in a protected area of the Sabah province, is part of the Danum Valley Conservation Area, a pristine rainforest stretching across 440 square kilometres. The new jungle treks will be organised by the Sabah Forestry Department and will be guided by experienced rangers. The highlight of the trek for many will be a chance to see the world’s tallest tropical rainforest tree, a yellow meranti that is more than 94 metres high. Due to the vastness of the area, the tree was only discovered in November 2016.

Many trees in the area reach a height of 90 metres and Danum Valley is home to 33 out of 50 of the world’s tallest tropical trees. These need to be protected and the department has an excellent reputation on conservation. A platform will be built nearby so trekkers can get close to the giant without accidentally damaging its roots, and a protective fence is also in the works.  “We want to open this area so that the public can see these trees but we have to be careful that it doesn’t harm the trees in any way,” chief conservator Datuk Sam Mannan told The Star.

Shot of the morning mist in Borneo's Danum Valley rainforest canopy just after sunrise.
Shot of the morning mist in Borneo’s Danum Valley rainforest canopy just after sunrise. Image by Patrick Meier

Travellers will have to share the immense rainforest with researchers, who flock here to study one of the world’s most complex ecosystems. New species are being discovered here all the time and recently, two new waterfalls were even recorded on an expedition.

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