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In pictures: the world celebrates the Holi festival of colours

Vibrant pictures from the past week have been shared by photographers that show delighted people all over the world celebrating the traditional Holi festival of colour, which famously sees revellers throwing brightly coloured powder at each other.

People take part in the Holi Festival celebrations at Hindu temple, in Lemont district, Chicago. Image by Bilgin S. Sasmaz/Anadolu Agency
A woman takes part in Holi at Hyderabad, India. Image by Noah Seelam/Getty Images

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The traditional Hindu festival of Holi is held each year to celebrate the beginning of spring, signifying the victory of good over evil. While the festival has roots in India and Nepal, it has become widely celebrated all over the world, with major events being held this year in Chicago, Bangladesh, The Philippines, Trinidad, New York and the United Kingdom.

Indian villagers smear themselves with colours during the Lathmar Holi festival at the Nandji Temple in Nandgaon near Mathura. Image by Ajay Aggarwal/Getty Images

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Yesterday marked Holika Dahan, the official start of celebrations that sees people gathering around bonfires for a cleansing ritual, with a free-for-all carnival of colours taking place the following morning. Crowds take to the streets for a colour fight that sees them rubbing bright powder on each other, as well as drenching each other with water guns and water balloons.

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New Yorkers celebrates Holi in lower Manhattan. Image by Anik Rahman/Getty Images

The main colours used throughout the festival are red, which represents love and fertility, yellow, the colour of turmeric, green, symbolising spring and blue which is the colour of Krishna.

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