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You can now stay in a mid-air eco-treehouse dangling from a crane in Bristol Harbour

From hobbit houses to floating pods, there are an increasing number of unusual places to stay around the world. But Bristol is claiming a world first, with a treehouse that dangles in mid-air from a crane above the city’s harbour.

Fancy a night here?
Fancy a night here? Image by Press Association

Canopy & Stars at Crane 29 is a one-bedroom treehouse made using sustainable building materials, with pollinating plants on its roof that will attract birds and bees. And from late May, it will be suspended on one of Bristol Harbour’s iconic cargo cranes. Its creators claim it will offer “a bubble of nature in Bristol’s industrial heart… as you look out over the harbour’s twinkling lights from a nature-inspired sanctuary high above the water”.

The treehouse will operate for four months, before descending back to ground level in autumn as the leaves start to fall. It offers a double bed, a shower, electricity and a kitchenette, and all profits will go to environmental charity Friends of the Earth.

Bristol’s Harbour was vital to the city’s development. John Cabot launched his voyages of discovery here, and the city became a key cog in trade with the Americas. In the nineteenth century, the pioneering engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel built famous steamships here, as well as the Clifton Suspension Bridge. The harbour declined in the 20th century, but recent regeneration has brought new life to the area, and it’s home to popular sights including Brunel’s SS Great Britain.

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The treehouse is open from 27 May to 24 September, and the double room is £185 on weekdays and £250 on weekends. Entry is only open to those over 21, and is via a ballot.
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