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Someone has finally invented wine-infused coffee and it's being served in a Napa Valley café

A Napa Valley café has created the world’s first wine-infused coffee, offering visitors the chance to sample and purchase the incredibly addictive-sounding creation.

Wine-infused coffee
The brand is the first in the world to successfully infuse coffee beans with wine. Image by Molinari Private Reserve

Created by café owner Rick Molinari, the idea for Molinari Private Reserve began as an experiment with John Weaver of Wild Card Roasters, who worked with Rick to create an amalgamation of two of the region’s best loved drinks. While the idea of mixing wine and coffee is not totally new, the brand is the first to successfully infuse coffee beans with wine, with the process taking two and a half years to get right. Both the regular and decaf blends are made with beans that are rehydrated to liquid percentages using special house-made red wines created by local Napa wineries. Following that, the beans are dried and roasted, resulting in an alcohol free, full-bodied coffee with blueberry notes.

Napa Valley
Local Napa Valley wine is used in the process. Image by Mike Lazzarini
wine-infused coffee
The coffee is alcohol free and can be prepared in a variety of different ways. Image by trophygeek / CC BY 2.0

The grounds can be prepared in a variety of different ways, including latte, espresso, French press or cold. The brand also says that the coffee can be used as a rub for meat, producing different flavour profiles, while the addition of milk helps enhance the natural blueberry flavours. As well as the Molinari Café, select stores around Napa Valley will be selling the coffee. More information on visiting the café and purchasing the wine-infused coffee online is available on the Molinari Private Reserve website.
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