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You will never get bored waiting at this bus stop in Singapore

A new bus stop in Singapore is also a garden, library, playground, and art gallery, promising the end to dull transit.

Designed to “make waiting fun,” Project Bus Stop is located along Jurong Gateway Road at Jurong East Central and features elements that might be more familiar at an upscale coffee shop. There’s free WiFi, mobile phone charging stations, books to read, and a swing.

The project was conceived by a group from DP Architects as part of Project Blind Spot – an initiative to redesign everyday public spaces to make them more fun and enjoyable. With a goal of rethinking how people travel and socialize in public space, the group put careful consideration into every aspect of the design. The roof not only acts as a weather shield, but it supports a verdant garden of greens, including drought-resistant shrubs and a tree that gets water from rainwater via a special funnel. There are interactive smart boards that show bus arrival times, news, and maps, as well as smaller boards where travelers of all ages can download e-books, magazines, and newspapers from the National Library. Bicycle parking lets commuters ride to the bus stop, and artwork by local illustrator Lee Xin Li is on display.

“Hopefully the community will appreciate how bus stops can be an extension of their social environments, as sites of possibilities, fun and enrichment,” DP Architect’s director Mr. Seah Chee Huang said in a statement.

For now, the single bus stop is part of a pilot program, but after a year the government will determine, partially through community feedback, which elements to add to other locations. Perhaps the only thing missing is an espresso machine.

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