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Japan is getting a floating capsule hotel that brings guests to a desert island overnight

A spherical floating capsule hotel is coming to Japan that will bring guests on an overnight trip to a tropical island.

Japan floating capsule
The capsule will travel across six kilometres of water to an uninhabited island. Image by Huis Ten Bosch

The unique experience is being planned by Huis Ten Bosch, a Dutch village theme park in Sasebo city, Nagasaki Prefecture. The service will allow guests to sleep in the capsule vehicle overnight, in specially designed compartments in the upper level, as it travels six kilometres across the water to a 39,000-square-metre uninhabited island facing Omura Bay, which is owned by the park. A new adventure resort is planned for the island, with attractions and activities spread out across the whole of the area.

Japan floating capsule
A Dutch windmill at the Huis Ten Bosch Park. Image by Yoppy / CC BY 2.0

The theme park is planning to introduce the new capsule service by the end of 2017. 2015 saw Huis Ten Bosch opening Henn Na Hotel, a hotel where robots work as porters, front desk operators and cleaners in place of humans. Upcoming events at the park include a tulip festival, a masquerade carnival, and a touchable reptile museum, while it also offers a range of permanent activities including gondola rides. The park features life-sized authentic replicas of a wide range of Dutch buildings, including windmills, that give visitors a taste of the Netherlands.

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The floating capsule will be designed in a two-storey structure, holding up to four people at a time. The experience will cost an estimated ¥30,000 ($260) to ¥40,000 ($350) per night. More information on visiting Huis Ten Bosch is available on the official website.
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