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Cozy sleeping pods are popping up around the US for naps on-the-go

If you’ve ever found yourself far from home but desperate for a rest, Sleepbox may be your solution. The sleek, soundproof cabins offer privacy for a quick nap, meditation, or interruption-free work session, and while there are about 60 cabins scattered around Europe and Russia, the first US pod opened near Boston last week.

Copley Square in Boston, Massachusetts, USA at sunset.
Copley Square in Boston, Massachusetts, USA at sunset. Image by 500px

Rock climbing gym Brooklyn Boulders, located in Somerville, Massachusetts, installed the Sleepbox to offer members and employees a peaceful retreat. “There’s so much chaos in here all the time,” Abby Taylor, Brooklyn Boulders marketing manager, tells Lonely Planet. “There was no place to take a quiet phone call or rest. Sleepbox was the perfect solution.” The gym uses the modular pod, which Taylor says “looks like a giant X-Box,” for a variety of functions. “Most people are trying to nap or have meditation time, but our team is also using it for phone calls, or for heads down work. The only thing missing is a blanket.”

Fancy a snooze?
Fancy a snooze? Image by Sleepbox

While it may not have a blanket, the ventilated pod does have a bed, WiFi, electrical outlets, and a drop-down table for working, among other amenities. Using a “Zipcar” model, renters are meant to leave the pod as clean and tidy as they found it. 

For a nap on-the-go.
For a nap on-the-go. Image by Sleepbox

The startup was founded by Mikhail Krymov, Alexey Goriainov, and Peter Chambers. Krymov, who has a background in architecture, got the idea for Sleepbox while traveling. “I was stuck in [Paris] Charles de Gaulle overnight, and there was no convenient hotel solution,” the co-founder explains to Lonely Planet. “It was funny, because there were probably about fifty people from all parts of the world — wealthy people, business travelers — and this whole crowd was sleeping on the floor.”

The interior of Sleepbox.
The interior of Sleepbox. Image by Sleepbox

While it began as an airport solution, the company sells their “sleep vending machines” for use in office buildings, hotels, and other public spaces. Up next, Sleepbox pods will debut in the Atlanta Airport and at a co-working space in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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