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People in Japan are making cakes out of raw meat and they are as beautiful as they are nightmarish

Think Japanese cuisine and you probably think sushi. Or, if you’ve spent any time on the internet, you probably know it better as the source of some of the most bizarre flavours of Kit Kat and Oreos. Now, Japan has turned its attention to another famously sweet treat and this time it’s really not holding back.

Introducing… the meat cake.

That’s right, those beautifully crafted flowers are made entirely of raw meat – along with the rest of the cake. A vegetarian’s nightmare, the meat platters are reportedly the latest fad in Japan – where red meat is far less abundant than fish and considered something of a delicacy.

According to Google Translate, the creations have also been lovingly attributed the name a “bouquet of flesh” – but they’re not just for decoration. The Daily Mail reports that the beautifully constructed cakes are usually cooked for a table of guests in restaurants right after they’ve been shown to customers to mark special occasions.

They come in all sizes, too. Cupcake versions are also a thing.

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The meat platters aren’t limited to traditional cake shapes either – look, there’s even a doughnut one.

Inspired. Some people have been clearly making them from home, too.

Whether you think the meat cake is a nightmarish abomination or a work of art, you’ve got to agree – it’s more exciting than fish and chips.

So… when’s the meat cake-flavoured Kit Kat coming out, then?

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