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Stand up for steak at this new Japanese restaurant in New York City

Last fall, a Japanese restaurant known for serving ramen in small, individual booths, opened an outpost in Brooklyn, and now New York City welcomes another quirky restaurant from the Land of the Rising Sun. At Ikinari Steak, diners can enjoy a rib eye, rice, and a glass of red, and never sit down.

Diners having a stand up steak in Japan.
Diners having a stand up steak in Japan.

Upon entering the East Village neighbourhood restaurant, guests are shown to communal standing counters, where thick-cut to order steak is served by weight. Choose from filet, sirloin, or ribeye — all from Aurora Angus Beef in Illinois, wet-aged for at least 40 days — and specify the temperature. After it’s cooked over an open fire, the steak arrives sizzling on a cast iron pan with a daily vegetable. For a true J-Steak, or Japanese style steak, Ikinari recommends drizzling its signature soy-based steak sauce over the meat.

Ikinari steak.
Ikinari steak.

The Japanese steakhouse first opened its doors in Tokyo in 2013 and immediately took off, expanding to 116 locations in a little over 3 years. At any one of New York City’s renowned steakhouses, diners can linger over power lunches or hours-long diners while tucking into their sirloin, but Ikinari bets the Big Apple is a fitting home for its first US restaurant. “Guests usually come and leave in less than 45 minutes. Ikinari Steak believes this is perfect for New Yorkers who seek quality food but are always very busy,” a representative told Lonely Planet. The concept is also perfect for solo diners, since the communal tables offer a convivial atmosphere. (Though those seeking quiet solace should head to Ichiran to slurp ramen from the comfort of an individual booth.)

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Prices range from $.08 to $.011, with a minimum order of 200g (7.1oz) to 300g (10.6oz), depending on the cut. The restaurant offers a lunchtime special set meal, with a chuck eye steak, salad, soup and rice for $20, so look out for the new standing power lunches trend in New York City.

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